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Celebrating 130,000 hours of hydro power as of April 2020. Averaging a 300 kW load, this works out to be 39,420,000 Kilowatt hours produced, and if valued at 25 cents a Kilowatt hour if camp was still on diesel, that would be worth 9.85 million dollars!

For more than 50 years, Malibu has been subjected to the continual roar and expense of diesel generators. Now, all that has changed! In 2003 we began working on a plan to harness the energy of a near by creek to produce all the electrical power requirements of the camp with our own hydro electric generator. This dream finally came true on Saturday, June 10, 2005.
This web site is presented to outline the scope of this project and to report on the ongoing success. The many pictures and text will familiarize you with the various aspects of this and other hydro systems. For a brief summary of the web site click on 'Overview' or 'Quick Facts'.
The web cameras are updated every two hours, the 'larger view' link will take you to a full size image.
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Princess Louisa from helicopter.
Beautiful Princess Louisa Inlet

I spoke with HQ on March 3rd and the cameras can be connected to the new satellite network so the pictures should be back on line shortly. Hopefully it will be seamless, but if not there may have to be some changes to the code of some hardware may have to be rebooted. I will keep at it to get them back.

The cameras have been off line since November 31 2020.  
The cameras have been off line since November 30 2020.  
It may have something to do with the satellite telephone service which was altered.. 
Staff are looking into the situation now.  Hopefully the pictures will be back soon. 
Thanks for the encouraging letters of support..
Camp from above.
larger view

No picture available.
View across rapids to camp.
larger view

No picture available.
Forbidden Island and down the inlet.
larger view.

No picture available.
Inner dock at Malibu.
larger view.

Web site by Peter Talbot. Comments appreciated, e-mail to peter@homepower.CA

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"Through The Rapids" A book on the history of Malibu, Princess Louisa Inlet and Tom Hamilton. Written by long time Malibu friend Chaz Hitz, this book is a must if you have ever been connected with this special camp. Easy reading with 281 pages, soft cover, pictures and extensive research notes and 14 appendix. Highly recommended!

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