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Quick Facts:
This information is listed from the water source at the lake to the end use at Malibu. It is difficult to get accurate information on some facts. Items proceeded by ? are unknown or based on reasonable assumptions from other projects of similar size. More info added as available. All questions will be answered. Email link at bottom of page.

lake elevation 2650 feet
length 8200 feet. or 2.5 km
width 2000 feet on average, or 0.6 km
depth ? unknown
water sources rain, snow melt, possible ground water / springs
area 16.4 million sq ft, 1.5 million square meters
available water 49 million cubic feet with 3 ft weir, provides 80 days at full power
daily demand 605,000 cubic feet at 7 cfs, for full power out
water level monitoring level available at Malibu by radio telemetry
fish specis No fish in lake, no connection to ocean water
access 3 hour hike from beach, float plane or helicopter
Lake weir
lake weir height 6 feet
lake weir control 2 foot diameter manual control valve
notch width12 feet
notch height2 feet
water flow by weir minimum 3 cfs for river life, monitored at Malibu
Penstock Intake
type of system 'run of the river', meaning no significant water storage, the lake dosen't count
river weir concrete, avg 10 feet high and 2.5 feet wide
concrete volume approx 85 tons of cement and sand / gravel
weir elevation 1320
river weir control none
stored volume about 6000 cubic feet for 5 foot draw down
storage time15 minutes, needed to settle silt
lower notch width19 feet 6 inches
upper notch width19 feet 4 inches
notch depth8 inches
penstock filter 4 stainless cylindrical screens, 24 by 12 inches
cleanouts two 8 inch drains below intake manifold
Pipe Line
length 4700 feet
diameter 12 inches
thickness 1/4 and 3/8 inch
joints welded and mechanical couplings
coating none
other protection none planned, possible painted where exposed
anchors direct burial and concrete thrust blocks
operating pressure 520 psi
penstock efficiencyvaries with flow,  90 to 95 % is typical of other systems
head loss depends on flow, 10% is typical of other systems
construction access existing logging roads
Power House
construction 2 by 6 framed walls on heavy slab
size 24 by 32 feet
elevation 75 feet above high tide line
location about 500 feet back from shore, at 75 foot elevation
access road / trail from beach
turbine type Pelton wheel
runner diameter approximately 24 inches pitch diameter
nozzle diameter about two inches
number of nozzles 1 only
operating speed 1200 RPM
capacity 580 kW
operating head 1320 feet static
water requirement up to 55 gallons per second
control method jet deflector operated by oil servo motor and adjustable spear on nozzle
protection computer monitored sensors on all points
life expectancy decades, depends on water silt
manufacturer Canyon Turbines of Washington State
Model # 2225, SN 03-3054
capacity 600 kva
capacity 540 kW continuous
power factor 0.90
voltage 4160 V, 3 phase
amperage 83.8 A
exciter 2.8 A, 45 V
manufacturer National Oilwell, Texas
excess power use governor limits water demand to balance load
weight and size ? 5000 pounds +
Model # G 636LNT-596, SN Z-65LNT040-1
location outside diesel room at Malibu - no transformer at hydro site.
voltage ratio 4160 volts to 600 volts
type outdoor, oil cooled
capacity ? approx 1 Mega Watt
protection ?
transformer efficiency 95% is typical
Underwater cable
length 3.3 km, 10,835 feet
diameter 3 inches
conductors 3 conductors in one cable on bottom of inlet
voltage 4,160
ampacity 165 amps
wire gauge 2 AWG
manufacturer from Germany
cable cost approximately $ 700,000
anchoring on anchors chained to bed rock, direct burial on far side
bottom profile steep on creek side, flat bottom, gradule on Malibu side
water depth 900 to 1000 feet on a fairly flat sandy bottom
Telemetry & control
monitor and control stand alone PLC controller at power house
lake measurements lake level, weir level, creek flow below weir, temperatures
dam measurements dam level, penstock headder level, dam over-flow
security door and environment alarms, video surveillance, audio feed
data availability displayed at Malibu, data to be available on this web site under 'system data'
Malibu side
present fuel cost $130,000 per year plus repairs
$ value of hydro over $ 500,000 per year at full output
pay back time ? depends on need for power
storage of power no battery or other form of storage practical at Malibu
excess energy use all generated power will be used, much of it to heat domestic water
Please drop me a note if you want any specific information. All questions will be answered.